PQ + CQ = Mission Possible

Teachers are on a mission.  A mission to promote student growth and achievement by exposing students to opportunities that allow for their individuality.  Our own ratio of education, passion, and creativity influences our methods of promoting student growth.  I am surrounded by educators of all backgrounds and I am thankful for the diversity in curriculum […]

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

If you live on the East coast of the United States, the term “wicked” (pronounced “wickit” is you’re familiar with the regional diction) means something “good”.  In the TPACK sense, wicked is meant to represent ideas that can be troublesome and require perseverance to overcome.  Wicked problems don’t necessarily have a solution, but there are […]

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Nutritious Thoughts

When reflecting on my informational diet, I started looking through my social media accounts, websites I visit, and who my general “go-to” people are for information.  I like to have a blend of art/culture and educational material to sift through in my spare time because I feel the brain needs a balance.  All work and […]

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We’re All In This Together

As a technophile, I often forget that not everyone shares my fascination with technology (students and teachers alike).  I have notions about how technology is used in our building and I see great teachers using great resources, but I didn’t exactly know the answer of whether teachers actually enjoy it. I know people that hate […]

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Technology Assistance for Executive Functions

Wake up.  Eat breakfast.  Clean up (self and surroundings).  Head to school.  Work work work.  After school.  Extracurriculars.  Homework.  Dinner.  Sleep. Student schedules are increasingly demanding as they get older.  Although they think they can manage their day through memory alone, teaching explicit executive functioning skills helps prepare them for the demands they will face […]

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CEP811: A Reflection

There it is.  Seven weeks of learning packed into one wacky square.  The QR Code will take you to a blendspace of a collection of resources from the course.  I like blendspace as a tool to collect sources whether it be for a lesson in my classroom, or to compile resources connected to an overarching theme. […]

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