Learning and the Brain

As educators, we must think about the learning process just as much as our teaching methods.  Reflection is a powerful tool to analyze our pedagogy to make sure we are serving students to our fullest potential.  As a scientist, I want to know what research based methods are most effective to opening our students’ minds.  The human brain is a fascinating organ and sets us apart from all other species.  It’s shocking that we only started studying the connection between learning and the brain since the 1950’s.  We have learned quite a bit, but how exciting is it to think about all that we still have to learn.

Oliver Sacks always intrigued me the way his mind worked and how he in turn interpreted the brain’s function.  His passing will be felt in the neuroscience community for a long time to come, but his inspiration to all those he touch will live on.  In my essay, I reflect on how to understand and foster better brain function in the classroom.

Oliversacks (1)


2 thoughts on “Learning and the Brain

  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading your essay. Your essay caused me to think about the importance of assessing students’ prior knowledge in order to bridge the gap between learned content and unlearned content. Since new knowledge and skill is dependent on pre-existing knowledge and skill, knowing what students know and can do when they come into the classroom or before they begin a new topic of study, can help us craft instructional activities that build off of student strengths and acknowledge and address their weaknesses. My teaching process consists of pre-assessing, planning, teaching (assessing during teaching) and assessing. I have found that pre-assessing students’ prior knowledge of a topic has improved my teaching and helped facilitate student learning. Specifically, the pre-assessment results guide my planning and teaching. Again, I really enjoyed reading your essay and look forward to visiting your blog again in the very near future. Personally, I have never “blogged” before taking CEP 810. I am really excited about learning from you, our classmates and instructors! Take care…Jeff


    1. Thanks Jeff! I’m excited to see how your blog develops throughout the course. Your pre-assessment techniques are such a good idea to help inform your teaching. Plus, it helps us identify misconceptions students might have in their prior knowledge as well!


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