GTD: Getting Things Done Thanks to David Allen

As an educator, I tend to make my new year resolutions at the start of the academic calendar.  I’ve used everything from lists in my phone, to iCal, to a simple composition notebook.  I love post-it notes and setting alerts in my phone, but still dream of having a personal assistant as I’m most busy people do!  While searching for the best system of organization, the Tech Age really leaves me no excuse but to become better organized.

IMG_4432While searching for a new tool, the reminder function in 30/30 really hit home.  Upon first use, I was impressed by the pre-loaded tasks that walk you through the tutorial for the app.  I’m a visual person, so the color coding and cutesy icons appeal to that area of my brain.


It’s user friendly enough so as to not overcomplicate the need for simplicity.  I wish it was linked to my iCal but it might end up replacing my use of Notes.  The key feature that hooked me was the ability to set a timer for the individual task.  In David Allen’s TED Talk he discusses characteristics that successfully organized people possess; one being the ability to prioritize and commit to completing tasks.  Since this is my biggest area of growth potential, I figured I would stick with it.  Research shows it takes about 90 days to form a habit, so I think I’ll be sticking with it after the first week.  So far the work and home lists have paid off!

Looking forward to GTD!


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