Miss Mixalot

I have always been a fan of remixes. The idea of sampling music to incorporate into new genres, or how a DJ would mix vinyl records on a set of turntables. Teachers are often masters of the remix, borrowing ideas from the vast resources we try to share. Technology in society is changing rapidly and […]

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Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

Finishing a course or a PD is always bittersweet. I can reflect on what I have accomplished, but also know it’s time to move on. It has been a new experience, different from any other graduate course I have taken. Aside from learning new technology integration, the Professional Learning Network we formed was unique to […]

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Recipe for TPACK

As a science minded person, I have always been a terrible cook but an excellent baker.  This is a bad quality to have if you have a slow metabolism, but following recipes satisfies some of the OCD nature I have as a neurotic person. In our latest MSU MAET Adventure, we were tasked with having […]

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21st Century Science Tools

Every year, the burden of science fair is upon us.  Now, as a former researcher, I should love science fair.  However, the way our city’s current science fair expectations are set up, students are using the archaic system of printing out a typed paper that sits in front of a cardboard display and allows for […]

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