Networked Learning Project Progress

As our assignment closes, I don’t feel closure because my project is a little more long term.  It doesn’t mean I will stop but I want to reflect on my learning progress.  Over time, we have been researching a topic using YouTube and online forums.  It’s amazing how much is out there on the internet using only those two sources.  Overall I was pretty happy that I didn’t have to search too long to find useful resources to strengthen my headstand.

Something I realized about myself is that I hate narrating and creating video of myself.  I much prefer to be behind the camera, but it would be difficult to show how I am progressing without the use of visual media.  Part of the Instagram community, especially with regard to health and fitness is showing progress pictures.  Although I have an aversion to including myself in photos and videos (especially with sound!), I was looking for that same motivation of seeing my progress.

When you’re in a headstand, it’s important to relax and not move your head!  This makes it difficult to check form and look for areas of challenge with the pose.  Through my videos, I could see that how I felt in my body was slightly different than what I was actually doing.  I could see the lack of strength in my upper back and core.  My hips are also quite tight and I could see where the pose was starting to break down due to a lack of strength and flexibility.  I have found the same clarity when I watch a video of myself teaching.  I notice the strengths and challenges as uncomfortable as they are.

In this learning experience, we were all trying something new.  Some may be more successful than others, but we harnessed the drive to complete the task.  I need these moments to help me push farther.  How often do we start a project and have a hard time following through?  It was also pretty amazing and even comforting knowing I could find the answers on my own and teach myself something that required patience and determination.

Seeing this process through a student’s lens helps remind me of what they experience when I assign them projects.  Each year we work on research methods and how to sort through information.  The unknown can be intimidating, but the answers are out there.  Comparing this method of research to how I learned as a young student gives me perspective on how powerful technology can be.  And although handstands are a simple task we can still think about the global impact of social media and technology based media.


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