Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

Finishing a course or a PD is always bittersweet. I can reflect on what I have accomplished, but also know it’s time to move on. It has been a new experience, different from any other graduate course I have taken. Aside from learning new technology integration, the Professional Learning Network we formed was unique to any other experience I have had.

Although we were tasked with the same objectives, we were allowed to explore each other’s work through a Share Tracker. We started off, thinking about how to have a growth mindset as a technology educator. We’re entering an unknown age of technology education where Will Richardson cautions us to maintain a growth mindset in order to be dynamic in an ever-changing world.

One way to maintain a growth mindset is to involve yourself and contribute to professional learning networks. Popplet resurfaced as a tool to show our ideas in a visual form. As we were asked to create a digital mind map, I accidentally just started making one for science fair to use as a reference for student research. The tool sucked me in and I was immediately brainstorming how I could use it in my classroom.

After we established our pedagogical outlook and professional learning network, it was time to get organized. It was about “Getting Things Done” using technology to stay organized. If I’m not organized how can I help my kids stay organized? For instance, with 30/30 I was just thinking of how I could set up lists for my classes to keep them on task.

In my entire yearlong fellowship through MSU, I feel like I accomplished a great deal of learning and was exposed to amazing technology resources. Through CEP810, I was still able to look at technology in a new way and explore new tools. I was challenged to create and share (even if that meant inverting myself in stretchy pants in a video on YouTube). But I’m still left with a sense of wonder. I have more courses to explore through the MAET and more opportunities to enhance my pedagogy. My current focus is on deepening the STEM connections in my curriculum.

I’m definitely becoming more curious about how I can utilize these tools from technology, math, and engineering point of view. Thinking back to the Richardson TED talk I feel that I’m still exploring my role in the progression of technology education. It’s hard to predict the future, but it’s sure fun to try.


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