Miss Mixalot

I have always been a fan of remixes. The idea of sampling music to incorporate into new genres, or how a DJ would mix vinyl records on a set of turntables. Teachers are often masters of the remix, borrowing ideas from the vast resources we try to share. Technology in society is changing rapidly and the idea of remixing what is already out there works on many levels. The maker movement attempts to take creativity to a new level. Although the great debate continues about where the border of stealing ideas and making ideas better lies.

I’ve never considered myself the creative type. Maybe more because I was very analytical growing up, but I always question what roles were represented in my life. I know there were people who discouraged me from certain dreams based on my gender. Luckily I’m stubborn enough that I didn’t feel I had to listen to those people. Given those challenges, I want to make sure I remove any obstacles in the way of my students. Creating the video below was an opportunity to put my personal touch on my vision of the maker movement. Using WeVideo and Creative Commons media searches I explored a new video editing technology and media sources tailored to my vision.

When creating my remix video and thinking about the maker movement, I tried to use visual imagery that I thought embodies what the movement is about. As discussed in Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk how do open the door for creativity? As an inquiry based teacher I feel the juxtaposition of the current school climate of preparing for “the test” and the need for “free range children” as I like to call them. How do we foster creativity under the time constraints of the school day?

The beauty of the maker movement is that there is an expectation to share. The goal is to contribute to society in innovative ways. Time magazine published an article that discussed how we can move from being consumers to makers. The challenges we face as a society will need creators and thinkers and makers. We must work together to make this happen and you may never know the next big thing or who it is that will make it.

Please view my own remix

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