Reimagining the Classroom

My lab is a moderately sized classroom that requires a creative use of space.  The lab tables are heavy and require two people to lift each table. With the amount of materials I need to keep in my room and the space I need for the tables, it’s hard to redesign the learning space physically. […]

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Maker Lesson Plan

The Maker Movement is a great way to engage students in creative exercises that foster critical thinking.  The littleBits snap circuits provide a variety of ways students can invent an electric module that embodies what the Maker Movement is all about. I purchased my littleBits over the summer as a way to explore how the […]

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Maker Mania

The Maker Movement is the new hot thing in education lately. When I say lately, it’s been quite a few years, but it seems that more recently there has been a push in technology to support the innovative way of the STEM related DIY craze. Needless to say, when Little Bits came around, the intrigue […]

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