We’re All In This Together

As a technophile, I often forget that not everyone shares my fascination with technology (students and teachers alike).  I have notions about how technology is used in our building and I see great teachers using great resources, but I didn’t exactly know the answer of whether teachers actually enjoy it.

I know people that hate technology and I am happy to help them use it, especially when working on a collaborative project or in a team setting.  So when asked to survey our building to look at technology use across grade levels, my curiosity was stirred to compare with what I observe and how teachers actually feel.

Sixteen teachers responded to the survey.  I collaborated with our technology coordinator in order to make the survey more meaningful, but also see what data she could use to help get an idea of what teachers were looking for in terms of resources.  Fewer teachers felt comfortable teaching technology than I originally thought.  They are more comfortable incorporating the technology in their teaching than they are teaching it to students.

Additionally, teacher preference of how they learn technology and how they want to engage in professional development shows an area of growth that we can easily target.  To see the full data analysis use this Google Doc.



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